Black Church Program


The Black Church Program is a community outreach and rights education project operated in partnership with faith-based groups and faith-affiliated nonprofit corporations in South Florida. 

Program highlights include community-based advocacy and organizing in support of the West Grove Trolley Garage Campaign, halting the discriminatory placement of a City of Coral Gables municipal bus depot in the historically segregated neighborhood of Coconut Grove Village West; the East Gables Trolley Access Campaign, obtaining municipal trolley service for residents of the historically segregated MacFarlane Homestead Subdivision and the Golden Gates District of East Coral Gables; the Old Smokey Steering Committee-Community Stakeholder Organization, sparking the investigation and cleanup of nearly a dozen contaminated municipal parks and the class action litigation in Styles v. City of Miami; the Coconut Grove Village West Housing and Community Development Task Force Campaign, mobilizing a fair-and-affordable housing coalition of Black churches, civic associations, and tenant and homeowner organizations now operating under the auspices of Grove Rights and Community Equity, Inc.; Grace, Inc. v. City of Miami, facilitating federal voting rights litigation challenging city-wide racial gerrymandering; and the Freedom School youth education project in development with the Coconut Grove Ministerial Alliance and other Village West stakeholders. 

"Our intent is to create an archive for all interested churches so that they have a resource to teach the next generation and preserve their history."

- Professor Anthony Alfieri, Director, Center for Ethics & Public Service

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