For the Media: Inquiries, Interviews and Experts

The University of Miami School of Law welcomes media inquiries about the Law School and its faculty, students, centers, and programs. Our faculty members are leading experts on a wide range of subjects and are happy to offer ideas, opinions, analysis, and commentary on the news of the day. For help identifying a legal expert for a news story or segment, and for permission to film and photograph on Law School premises, please contact:


Catharine Skipp

Director of Media Relations & Public Affairs
University of Miami School of Law
305-284-9810 (office)
305-773-5801 (cell)

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Experts for the Media

Experts are available by arrangement and as class schedules and research demands permit.


David Abraham

Immigration law expert. Fluent in German and Hebrew.

Anthony Alfieri

Ethics and public interest law expert.

Caroline Bettinger-Lopez

Expert in human rights, women and children's rights.

Caroline Bradley

Expert in European community law, British and European financial law, and U.S. security regulations

Peter Carfagna

Expert in sports law and the business of professional athletes and teams.

Donna Coker

Expert in domestic violence, criminal law, and evidence.

Charlton Copeland

Expert in constitutional law, federalism, race and American institutions, and health policy

Andrew Dawson

Expert in bankruptcy law

Michele DeStefano

Expert in legal innovation, compliance, and global education

Andrew Elmore

Expert in labor and employment law.

  • Employment Discrimination

Sandra Friedrich

Expert in international business transactions and arbitration, European Union law, and German law

A. Michael Froomkin

Expert in privacy law, robot law, artificial intelligence, and technology law.

Frances Hill

Constitutional law, election law, tax law, bankruptcy, and tax-exempt organizations expert.

Donald Jones

Expert in constitutional law, criminal law, and criminal procedure.

Lili Levi

Expert in media law, copyright, defamation and privacy law

John M. Newman

Expert in antitrust and intellectual property.

JoNel Newman

Expert in health law and elder law.

Jessica Owley

Expert in environmental law and climate change

Bernard Oxman

Expert in maritime, law of the sea, torts, and international law.

Kunal Parker

Expert in immigration law and property law.

Bernard Perlmutter

Expert in family law, children and youth law, and foster care.

Patricia Redmond

Expert in bankruptcy, insolvency, restructuring, and Chapter 11.

Scott Rogers

Mindfulness in law expert.

Keith Rosenn

Expert in comparative law, Latin American law, and constitutional law.

Pablo Rueda-Saiz

Expert in international and comparative law. Fluent in Spanish.

Andres Sawicki

Expert in intellectual property law and trademark and patent law. Fluent in Spanish.

Gabriel Scheffler

Expert in health care law/

Stephen Schnably

Expert in constitutional law, criminalization of homelessness, and property.

Kele Stewart

Expert in family and juvenile law, children's rights, and clinical education.

Scott Sundby

Criminal law expert in capital punishment.

Craig Trocino

Expert in criminal trials, death penalty, and innocence.

Stephen Urice

Internationally recognized expert in art and antiquities law

Marcia Narine Weldon

Expert in corporate governance, employment law, regulatory compliance, corporate social responsibility, and the intersection of business and human rights.