Estate Planning Adjunct Faculty

The faculty of the Heckerling Graduate Program in Estate Planning LL.M. program is comprised of from across the nation. Over the years, the faculty has included law school professors, deans and former deans, partners and managing partners of elite law firms, former IRS commissioners and chief counsel, Tax Court judges, and other eminent teachers and scholars. 

Martin E. Basson
Norman J. Benford
John F. Bergner
Turney P. Berry
Harris L. Bonnette, Jr.
Lawrence Brody
Louis J. Chiavacci
Nicholas E. Christin
James B. Davis
Adam S. Goldberg
Deborah Packer Goodall
Nick Jovanovich
Beth Shapiro Kaufman
Bernard A. Krooks
Lester B. Law
Susan Porter
David Pratt
Alan F. Rothschild, Jr.
Daniel S. Rubin
William A. Snyder
Bruce M. Stone
Conrad Teitell
Steven E. Trytten
Lauren Wolven