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There are several ways to review the materials contained in Everglades Litigation collection.   Our Search and Contents pages provide and explain the different approaches we provide to help you locate documents.  You may, for example, locate documents based on the nature of the the document or the search engine.  This page will explain how to locate cases and the documents, such as pleadings, transcripts, exhibits related to a particular case by placing emphasis on the location of cases within the legal framework.       

The underlying legal underpinnings of the collection provide a formal and structured way to organize documents and materials.  This section will explain how to locate documents by reviewing the legal cases

The case or litigation matrix lists all legal actions related to preserving and restoring the Everglades ecosystem currently housed by The Law Library.  While this is not an exhaustive compendium of all such litigation, it represents the largest known collection currently available anywhere. 

Only a small subset of what the collection houses is currently on-line.  We are constantly adding from our collection and compiling more recent material for future inclusion.  Please visit frequently.

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How to locate cases

The litigation matrix has three components:

1    Jurisdiction, in what court was the case filed
2    Year, when was the case filed
3    Case number, the number the court assigned to the case

The matrix is ordered by jurisdiction on the top and year of filing on the side.   The case number and style are marked at the appropriate intersections of jurisdiction and year.

Cases with available documents will have their court selected case numbers highlighted.   Clicking on the case number will take you the that case's homepage containing introductory information and links to available pleadings, transcripts, and other material.

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Scope of the matrix

Although the litigation matrix lists over fifty cases, many have yet to have material added for on-line access.   Please visit regularly as we will add more documents.

You should now have enough information to review the matrix.  Click below to go directly to the case matrix:

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Available cases

The following cases have documents available on-line.  By clicking on the case number you will be linked to the case's home page.

U.S. Supreme Court

•  02-626   SFWMD v. Miccosukee    new.gif (1016 bytes)  

•  91-212   Western Farm Bureau v. United States 

U.S. Court of Appeals

Eleventh Circuit    

•  01-16226  Miccosukee v. SERA       
•  00-15703  Miccosukee v. SFWMD               
•  95-5080  Miccosukee v. United States  
•  92-4314, 92-4831 United States v. SFWMD               
  89-6029, 89-62698 United States v. SFWMD              

U.S. District Court

Southern District of Florida

  99-01315-CIV-JAL  Miccosukee v. SERA        
  98-521-CIV-NESBITT  Miccosukee v. U. S. National Park Service 
  98-6056-CIV-FERGUSON  Miccosukee v. SFWMD

•  95-0533-CIV-DAVIS  Miccosukee v. United States

•  94-2259-CIV-MORENO  Miccosukee v. United States

•  94-0662-CIV-HOEVELER  Miccosukee v. United States

•  88-1886-CIV-HOEVELER  United States v. SFWMD


Florida Division of Administrative Hearings

•  92-3038; 92-3039; 92-3040  Cooperative v. SFWMD


Florida Court of Appeals

3rd DCA

•  98-1254  Miccosukee v. SFWMD                     

•  85-2509  Friends of the Everglades v. State of Florida, Department of Community Affairs


Florida Circuit Court

2nd Circuit

•  03-499  SCGC vs. DEP      new.gif (1016 bytes)                          

9th Circuit

•  CI-97-10228  Barley v. SFWMD                           

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