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TimelineAdapted from DeWitt John, Civic Environmentalism: Alternatives to Regulation in States and Communities.

Central and Southern Florida Project

House Document 643Establishment of CSFP Project

Environmental Problems Arise

Ron Jones' DeclarationScientist's testimony re nutrient cycling 

Mark Maffei's Declaration
Scientist's testimony re ecosystem habitat destruction in LNWR 

William Walker's Declaration
Scientist's testimony re analysis of water quality data 

Federal lawsuit

Federal caseUSDC 88-1886

United States complaint
The plaintiff's first pleading

U.S. motion for summary judgment
The government's summary of the case

SWIM Plan. 
The state's environmental plan for the everglades

Marjory Stoneman Douglas Act
The state's legal basis for its environmental plan

Settlement AgreementSettlement between federal and state parties

U.S. motion for approval of SA
The government's arguments in support of the Settlement Agreement 

Consent DecreeJudge's approval of settlement agreement with proviso that affected parties may challenge administrative remedy implementation

SWIM Challenge

SWIM Challenge casesCooperative v. SFWMD, DOAH 92-3038

Petitioner's challenge
Affected parties challenge of administrative remedy

Statement of Principles.  Agreement between and federal and state parties

Everglades Forever Act.  Legal codification of settlement in SWIM challenge


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