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Jessi TamayoEach year, over a dozen second and third year law students are chosen as "Street Lawyers" who commit to reach out to teens in Miami and teach law. Being a "professor" of law each week is an invaluable service as well as a guaranteed methodology for learning the law in greater depth and honing one’s skills in public speaking.

In Miami STREET Law, our mission is to serve our community by inspiring critical thinking and social awareness at the high school, undergraduate and law school levels through exploring contemporary legal, moral and ethical issues and dilemmas. Law students create their own lessons through researching legal issues of interest to them and customizing their legal teachings to the needs and interests of the high school students. I am continually delighted by the intellect, compassion and abilities of those who join Miami STREET Law. Their commitment to learning the law and to serving our community is inspirational.

If you are one of those unique people who love the law and believe service to others is imperative, please apply to join our team of committed folks in Miami STREET Law.

Jessi Tamayo, J.D.
Miami STREET Law Director
Lecturer in Law


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Street Law Info Session


Jessi TamayoJessi Tamayo directs the STREET Law Program and teaches courses in Professional Responsibility.

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3L Rob Weaver discusses the areas of the law which interest teens at Miami Senior High and the power of a Street Lawyer to be a positive role model.

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