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Technology Requirements for Distance Learners

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To get the most from this course you must have the required hardware, basic set-up, internet connection and media. These are described below. Ensure that you have a microphone, a web camera, and speakers or headset to take full advantage of the audio and video capabilities during the session.

Computer Requirements


  • PC: Single Core 2.0GHz Processor
  • Macintosh: Intel Single Core 1.8GHz Processor


  • 2 GB RAM or higher

Video memory

  • 128 MB or higher

Monitor Resolution

  • 1024 x 764 (minimum)

If your browser window is expanded fully and you still need to scroll horizontally to see the entire home page including map and icons, then your monitor resolution needs to be expanded.

Resolution settings can be changed to increase your monitor's screen capacity. If you don't know how to reset your screen resolution, it's best to ask someone who knows how to show you.

Sound: This course contains audio material, so speakers or headphones are required. You will need a sound card and speakers to hear the audio. All computers purchased within the last several years have built in sound capabilities. If you don't have speakers you can use headphones such as those used with an iPod or MP3 player. Headphones can be plugged in to the monitor or headphone jack located on the side or rear of most computers.

You may elect to use our software called Elluminate. It is designed to allow distance learners to work virtually alongside on campus students during group projects. For this you will need a headset microphone. We recommend the Sennheiser PC 26 USB. You have the option of using a webcam, although it is not required. We recommend Logitech webcams.

Internet Connection Requirements

  • DSL or cable

Browser Requirements

Windows computers

Microsoft Windows 7
Microsoft Windows Vista
Microsoft Windows XP

Internet Explorer 8.0 +
Internet Explorer 7.0 +
Internet Explorer 6.0 +, Firefox 3.x +, Chrome

Macintosh computers

Mac OS X v10.7
Mac OS X v10.6
Mac OS X v10.5
Mac OS X v10.4

Firefox 10.x +, Safari 5.x +
Firefox 3.6.3, Safari 4.0.5
Firefox 2.x, Firefox 3.x, Safari 3.x
Firefox 3.x, Safari 2.x, Safari 3.x

Software Requirements


Watch Douglas K. Bischoff discuss the development of Mortgage Law in the U.S. and how the original 13 colonies brought with them the mortgage law system from England.


Megan K. Palmer"The online LLM in Real Property Development was fantastic. I really appreciated the ability to learn remotely, on my own time, while working full-time. The videos of the classes were useful because I could always replay a segment I needed to hear again to absorb the information and the professors were very responsive to e-mail."

Megan K. Palmer
Nixon Peabody LLC
Washington, D.C.
LL.M. '10

Chris Roemer"UM's distance learning program for its Real Property Development LLM allowed me to expand my knowledge and skills on a flexible schedule while still pursuing a full-time associate job. The system used by the program was simple and allowed me to view classes on my schedule. While there is an obvious difference from taking the classes in person, the professors were all available and eager to ensure that I as a distance learner obtained the full benefit of the program."

Chris Roemer
Litigation Attorney
LL.M. '11