Student Development Program

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Miami Law provides in-depth advising and guidance based on each student’s individual needs, desires, challenges, background, and goals through our Student Development Program. The program was launched in the 2010-2011 school year and is a testament to Miami Law's commitment to students' academic, professional, and personal well-being. The department is currently comprised of three Directors who are licensed attorneys and bring a unique set of talents, backgrounds, and industry experience to the department.

Each incoming 1L student is paired with a Student Development Director for the duration of law school. Directors meet individually with each student during the first semester of 1L year to become familiar with their backgrounds, challenges, short and long term goals. Our Directors maintain an open door policy and meet with students on an as-needed basis. In most cases, Student Development Directors are the student’s primary administrative contact during their law school career.

Student Development works with law students on any number of academic, professional, and personal issues, including but not limited to:

  • Best practices and habits for law school success
  • Strategic planning for maximizing the law school experience
  • Long term career and life goals
  • Academic guidance
  • Course selection and registration
  • Time/stress management
  • General and bar preparation study skills in conjunction with the Academic Achievement Program
  • Integration of academic goals and career goals