Miami Law Experts in the News


The Boston Herald interviewed Becky Sharpless in a story looking at the fallout if cities refuse to help the federal government deport undocumented immigrants. “The federal government cannot commandeer state resources,” said Sharpless. “This long-standing principle of federalism would prevent the new administration from compelling state and local authorities to help federal authorities detain and deport immigrants.”

The Globe and Mail spoke with Mary Anne Franks about challenges to women’s right under the Trump administration. “Trump is the most high-profile example of what it means to troll women,” Franks said. A lot of what comes next “is unpredictable,” she said, “which is why it is so frightening.”

The Miami Herald and the Daily Business Review publish obituaries of M. Minnette Massey, first women dean of Miami Law and one of the first 14 women law professors in the United States.  "The University of Miami Law School has lost perhaps its greatest champion," said Charlton Copeland, professor and former M. Minnette Massey Chair, a position established by Miami Law alumni to honor Massey's impact at the law school.

The Fort Myers News-Press quoted Donald Jones on the possible charging of a Good Samaritan who shot and killed a man attacking a sheriff’s deputy. “If the man who was shot was armed, that changes everything,” Jones said. “But where did it escalate to the point of, ‘I’m going to shoot you?’ What not try to intervene with your hands? I believe in the right to bear arms, I don’t support vigilante justice. I don’t know what this is. It’s very troubling.”

The Florida Times-Union quoted Mary Anne Franks in a story about the future of the death penalty. “The prosecutors who relentlessly pursued death sentences despite being repeatedly placed on notice that the state’s death penalty regime was constitutionally defective should be held accountable for the emotional and financial costs they have imposed on victims’ families and on taxpayers,” Franks said

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