Miami Law Experts in the News



The Tampa Bay Times quoted Mary Anne Franks in the $31M Hulk Hogan v. Gawker settlement, who wasn't surprised to hear about the settlement in the case that centered on sex tapes and privacy issues. "There wasn't financial capacity or probably the spirit to go on," she said. Even though the case raised First Amendment concerns, Franks doesn't think the case will impact media companies with "journalistic standards." "If we consider this to be newsworthy," she said of the sex tape, "then basically the concept of newsworthiness would then lose all meaning.

Infomationsdienst Wissenschaft publishes the announcement of David Abraham’s visiting professorship the Jena Center 20th Century at Friedrich Schiller University and his lecture, “Migration, integration, and the Welfare State.”

The Connecticut Law Tribune interviewed Jane Stearns on the use of stimulants, like Adderall, in law schools. Stearns said Miami Law uses “soft messaging” to address the issue. “If I put together a panel and call it an ‘Adderall abuse information session,’ no one will show up—no matter what I’m serving for lunch,” Stearns said. Through its mindfulness programs, which include seminars, student activities and for-credit classes, the school’s faculty, staff and guest speakers—including successful attorneys and prominent judges—convey the do’s and don’ts of healthy living and work-life balance.