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BuzzFeed News interviewed David Abraham for a story about the fears of undocumented immigrants of the Trump administration.  “Worst case scenario is he feels he needs to satisfy some of his most strident supporters and use police forces and every possible occasion to demand identification from people,” said Abraham. “The kind of Arpaio strategy.”

The Miami Hurricane quotes Osamudia James about Donald Trump win. James, who often writes about race and higher education, said the election proved how there is still a conversation about race that needs to happen in this country. “We can’t move forward as a society until we acknowledge, embrace and tackle that problem,” she said.

Verfassungsblog on Matters Constitutional  published at op-ed by David Abraham about the presidential election. “What happened in the US elections does not represent a constitutional crisis,” Abraham writes. “Neo-liberalism’s chickens have come home to roost, and the crisis we are experiencing is what Gramsci in the ‘20s called a “crisis of representation,” one in which the links between parties and their putative constituencies break down. Whether there is a larger “crisis of hegemony” lurking as well, one in which state institutions no longer accomplish core functions, remains to be seen. The latter could in turn precipitate a constitutional crisis.

760AM radio mentioned Stephen Urice’s paper, Unveiling the Executive Branch’s Extralegal Cultural Property Policy.”

Before It’s News  mentioned Francis Hill’s congressional testimony last spring about campus free speech.  “The IRS has made it abundantly clear that only in the rarest of circumstances would a student be considered the agent of the university,” such that her speech would be attributed to the institution. “Students can do almost anything,” Hill concluded.

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