Miami Law in the News Week Ending June 10, 2016


Southern California Public Radio’s Air Talk included Tamara Rice Law as a guest in the discussion on Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge Aaron Persky’s sentencing of Brock Turner in the Stanford University rape case.

The Tampa Bay Times quoted Patricia Brown in an article about a Florida case regarding offshore tax shelters.

MarketWatch continues the debate on drones and privacy with A. Michael Froomkin.

The Miami Herald continues reporting on the federal civil rights and zoning lawsuits spearheaded by Anthony Alfieri, who is quoted.

Miami magazine turns the spotlight on JoNel Newman and the partnership with UM’s Pediatric Mobile Clinic.

Miami magazine tells the story of privacy and free speech through the eyes of a victim, who becomes an advocate and the lawyer who was by her side: UM School of Law’s Cyber Civil Rights Initiative and founders Mary Anne Franks and Holly Jacobs.

Miami magazine briefs Kunal Parker’s new book, Making Foreigners: Immigration and Citizenship Law in America.

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