University of Miami Law Review Executive Board Announced for Volume 76



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The incoming executive board for the University of Miami Law Review has been announced.

University of Miami Law Review Volume 76 Executive Board:

Daniel Mayor, Editor-in-Chief

Michelle Adams, Executive Editor

Ana Ionescu, Executive Editor

Amanda Lopez-Cardet, Executive Editor

Connor Evans, Senior Articles Editor

Jae Lynn Huckaba, Student Notes & Comments Editor

Alyssa Samberg, Student Notes & Comments Editor

Madison Hauser, Senior Writing Editor

Logan Sandler, Eleventh Circuit Editor

Hannah Burt, Digital Editor

Mitchell Abood, Symposium Editor

Nicolas Briscoe, Symposium Editor

James Chase Wathen, Managing Editor

Harris Blum, Articles & Comments Editor

Sean Hughes, Articles & Comments Editor

Sydney Landers, Articles & Comments Editor

Helena Masiello, Articles & Comments Editor

Ashley Parsons, Articles & Comments Editor

Nicholas Ritornato, Articles & Comments Editor

Additionally, Volume 75 Junior Staff Editors who have been selected for publication in Volume 76 have been announced. Below are the authors’ names, selected pieces, and faculty advisors.

Harris Blum

Title: “SLAPPing Back in Federal Court with Florida’s Anti-SLAPP Statute”

Advisor: Professor Sergio Campos

Daniela Carreras

Title: “Qui Tam Relators as an Enforcement Mechanism Against COVID-19 Relief Fraud”

Advisor: Professor of Legal Writing Annette Torres

Jae Lynn Huckaba

Title: “We’ll Protect You! Oh, Wait, But not you. Or you, you, or you. The Consequences of the Court’s Major Undertaking in Department of Homeland Security v. Thuraissigiam”

Advisor: Professor Irwin Stotzky

Ana Ionescu*

Title: “Incorrigibility is Inconsistent with Youth’: The Supreme Court’s Chance to Cure the Contradiction Implicit in Discretionary JLWOP Sentencing”

Advisor: Professor of Legal Writing Shara Kobetz Pelz

*Winner of the University of Miami Law Review’s Volume 75 Soia Mentschikoff Award for Excellence in Scholarly Writing

Sydney Landers

Title: “Amendment to the Japanese Copyright Act: An Analysis of the National Diet’s Inadequate Attempt to Control Manga Piracy”

Advisor: Professor Andres Sawicki

Helena Masiello

Title: “USDA Failures and a Public Health Crisis: The Creation of COVID-19”

Advisor: Professor Jessica Owley

Logan Sandler

Title: “What is Standard Tomorrow, May Not Have Been Today: An Argument for Claiming Scènes à Faire”

Advisor: Professor Andres Sawicki

Tori Simkovic

Title: “Ramos Retroactivity and the False Promise of Teague v. Lane”

Advisor: Professor Scott Sundby

Chase Wathen

Title: “Textualism Today: Scalia’s Legacy and his Lasting Philosophy”

Advisor: Daniel Ravicher

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