University of Miami Law Review Vol. 75 Editorial Board Announced; Student Scholarly Articles Faculty Advisers Noted


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The Editorial Board of Volume 75 of the University of Miami Law Review (UMLR) has been announced. Candidates were invited onto the Law Review because they either placed in the top 6.5% of their class or because they placed in the top 33 of their class or section and won the UMLR Writing Competition.

Jose M. Espinosa is Editor-in-Chief of Volume 75.  The following amazing students were also elected to the Executive Board for Volume 75: 

  • Mackenzie Garrity, Executive Editor 
  • Savannah Padgett, Executive Editor
  • Natalie Whitacre, Executive Editor
  • Joanne Niworowski, Senior Articles Editor
  • Rosana Fernandez, Student Notes & Comments Editor
  • Esther Ponce de Leon, Student Notes & Comments Editor
  • Henry Moreno, Senior Writing Editor
  • Cameron Chuback, Eleventh Circuit Editor 
  • Kelly Beck, Symposium Editor
  • Katherine Black, Symposium Editor
  • David Stuzin, Online Editor
  • George Bell, Managing Editor
  • Phillip Arencibia, Articles & Comments Editor
  • Kelly Beck, Articles & Comments Editor
  • Greg Fritzius, Articles & Comments Editor
  • Macy Nix, Articles & Comments Editor
  • Evan Robinson, Articles & Comments Editor 
  • Matthew Zawislinski, Articles & Comments Editor 

Additionally, the following candidates from Volume 74, led by Editor-in-Chief Hannah Gordon, have been selected for publication in Volume 75. Below are the names of the authors, the titles, and the faculty advisors of each significant scholarly piece selected for publication this year. 

Katherine Black*
Title: Unvested: How Equity and the Deferred Payment Gamble in Startups Shortchange Employees Targeted by Discrimination
Advisor: Lecturer in Law and Director Startup Practicum, Daniel Ravicher
*Winner of the University of Miami Law Review’s Volume 74 Soia Mentschikoff Award for Excellence in Scholarly Writing.

George Bell
Title: Informed Consent: Disclosure of the Presentence Investigation Report Before a Guilty Plea
Advisor: Professor of Law, Ricardo Bascuas

Cameron Chuback
Title: Spoofing, RICO, and the Mafia: A Discussion of Compatibility Between Seemingly Disparate Legal Spheres
Advisor: Professor of Legal Writing and Lecturer in Law, Marcia Narine Weldon

Gabrielle Engel
Title: Baca v. Colorado Department of State: Why the Supreme Court Should Affirm the Tenth Circuit's Protection of Electoral Independence
Advisor: Professor of Law, Stephen Schnably

Rosana Fernandez
Title: The Paradigm Shift of the Fourteenth Amendment in Schools: No Duty to Protect Students
Advisor: Professor of Law and Director Human Rights Clinic, Caroline Bettinger-López

Brittany Finnegan
Title: The Cost of Free Speech: Combating Fake News or Upholding the First Amendment
Advisor: Professor of Legal Writing and Lecturer in Law, Cheryl Zuckerman

Henry Moreno
Title: The Statutory Death of the Gig Economy: How California Policy Incentivizes the Automation of Five Million Jobs
Advisor: Professor of Legal Writing and Lecturer in Law, Marcia Narine Weldon         

Joanne Niworowski
Title: Lamps Plus, Inc. v. Valera: Dark Times Ahead for Class Arbitrations
Advisor: Professor of Law & Dean's Distinguished Scholar and Associate Dean for International and Graduate Programs, Caroline Bradley 

Evan Robinson
Title: One Step Forward Two Steps Backward
Advisor: Professor of Law and Dean's Distinguished Scholar, Patrick Gudridge

David Stuzin
Title: The Promotion of the General Welfare: Using the Spending Clause to End the Criminalization of Homelessness in America
Advisor: Professor of Law, Stephen Schnably

Natalie Whitacre
Title: Abdul Lateef Jamil v. FedEx: Expanding the Scope of Section 1782 and Altering the Landscape of Private Arbitration
Advisor: Lecturer in Law and Director International Moot Court Program, Paula Arias


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