Best Oralist Win at FL Bar National Tax Moot Court Competition


Moot team

Third-year students Gabrielle Hasner and Mark Miskolczi 

In 2020, for the first time, the Charles C. Papy Jr. Moot Court Board attended the prestigious National Tax Moot Court Competition hosted by the Tax Section of the Florida Bar.

Third-year students Gabrielle Hasner and Mark Miskolczi made it to the finals and were runner-up finalists out of all fourteen teams. Hasner was awarded best individual oralist of the entire competition.

About the Papy Moot Court Board

The Charles C. Papy, Jr. Moot Court Board is a student-run, honorary organization that focuses on recruiting and training the finest oral and written advocates in the country. It is the oldest, largest, and one of the most prestigious trial advocacy programs at Miami Law committed to fostering and honing those qualities that its namesake represents: skill, passion, and excellence in advocacy.

Founded in 1953, it was named in 2006 for the fifty-five-year member of the Florida Bar, former member of the Florida Legislature, and true “lawyer’s lawyer.”

Loyal Alumni Following and Support

The Papy Moot Court Board has a loyal following and receives ongoing support from local and national alumni. Susan Kornspan, J.D. ‘90 and Chair of the Law School's Moot Court Alumni Advisory Board echoes the extended community support in her comment on the win, “Congratulations again to Gabrielle and Mark…We are very fortunate to be represented by such dedicated and outstanding students, and the best Moot Court Board and ‘village.’”

Annette Torres, Professor of Legal Writing and Faculty Advisor to the Papy Moot Court Board, concurs, “We’re so proud of Gabrielle and Mark, and eternally grateful for the support that the Papy Moot Court Board receives from the Miami Law community.”

Cross-Border Tax Theme

This year, the case at the National Tax Moot involved the interplay between the U.S.-Swiss Tax Treaty and the IRC in relation to a foreign athlete's endorsement contract. The team was fortunate to receive preparation from Miami Law’s tax expert and Director of the LL.M. in Tax and in Taxation of Cross-Border Investment, Patricia Brown.

Jeanelle Gomez, Inter-School Vice President of the Papy Moot Court Board said, “Our team also received tremendous help and support from Professor Patricia Brown, who guided the team in understanding the complexities of the issues…We are [also] very proud of our members and their coach, Miguel Fernandez, J.D. '18.”

This win reinforces one of the Papy Moot Court’s primary goals - to impart those skills on its current and future members. Gabrielle Hasner agrees, “I am both grateful and honored to have had the opportunity to represent the Papy Board at our first tax competition. Definitely an experience I will never forget!

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