Expert on Technology Law Unpacks TikTok to Kick Off Miami Law’s Explainer Podcast Season 5


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“TikTok on the Block” will kick off season five of Miami Law’s podcast, the Miami Law Explainer. Business and technology law expert Daniel Ravicher, director of Miami Law’s Startup Practicum, will unpack the U.S. government’s real or imagined threat to the sale of TikTok.

With nearly 19,000 downloads, the popular weekly show returns to the airways on August 17 featuring Miami Law faculty experts giving context, relevance, and significance to compelling and timely headline-grabbing legal issues – from the status of DACA to presidential powers and the trial of Ghislaine Maxwell.

Launched in June 2018, each 15-episode season widens out the scope of the stories making headlines. Produced in-house with host Annette Hugues and executive producer Catharine Skipp, the show is edited and engineered by Christopher Alzati, with music composed by the Frost School of Music’s Ray D. Kim.

Highlights from previous seasons include: If Not Now, Then When? with Osamudia James’s look at the Black Lives Matter summer of change; Jeff Bezos’ Red Line, with Mary Anne Franks, exploring whether American Media’s threat to publish salacious photos of the Amazon and Washington Post owner are journalism or blackmail; and Kunal Parker unpacks the brouhaha surrounding ISIS brides’ attempts to return to the United States.

The Explainer can be heard on most podcast providers including iTunes, Spotify, and SoundCloud, where seasons one through four are available for binging.

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