Law Review Boards - Business, Race & Social Justice, Inter-American, Int'l & Comparative - Announced for 2020-21


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The 2020-21 executive board for The University of Miami Law Review was announced in March of this year. Recently, the names of the incoming executive boards for Miami Law's other distinguished reviews - the The Business Law Review, Inter-American Law Review, International & Comparative Law Review, and Race & Social Justice Law Review - were released.

University of Miami Business Law Review

Editor-in-Chief: Brittany Pushkin
Executive Editor: Veronica Adams
Executive Editor: Julia Osmolia
Managing Editor: Anne Kotlarz
Senior Articles Editor: Adam Peters
Senior Notes & Comments Editor: Will Selfridge
Senior Notes & Comments Editor: Daniel Settana
Symposium & Events Editor: Jack Doty
Alumni Editor: Sam Luddington
Senior Writing Editor: Harrison Strows
Online Media Editor: Ron Neuman
Articles & Comments Editor (ACE): Brandon Mantilla
Articles & Comments Editor (ACE): Alexa Browing
Alumni Editor (ACE): Sam Luddington

University of Miami Inter-American Law Review

Editor in Chief: Alex Duffant
Executive Editor: Joyce Wu
Executive Editor: Rafael Paz
Managing Editor: Amber Couzo
Student Writing Editor: Vincent Halloran
Online Content Editor: Gabriela Falla
Articles and Comments Editor: Lauren Silk
Articles and Comments Editor: Annie Rosenthal
Articles and Comments Editor: Cole Baldecchi
Articles and Comments Editor: Gabriela Valentín Díaz
Alumni Advisor: Andrea Ochoa Lozano

University of Miami International & Comparative Law Review

Editor in Chief: Nicholas Beekhuizen
Executive Editor: David McDonald
Executive Editor: Tazio Heller
Managing Editor: Savannah Young
Web Editor: Estefania Re
Articles Editor: Anjoly Ibrahim
Events Editor: Karina Oms
Senior Notes & Articles and Comments Editor: Fahim Gulamali
Articles and Comments Editor: Talia Lewis
Articles and Comments Editor: Christian Maroni
Articles and Comments Editor: William Gardner

University of Miami Race & Social Justice Law Review

Editor in Chief: Sydney Smith
Staff Managing Editor:  Christina Ferreiro
Business & Online Managing Editor: Kimi Robertson
Senior Articles Editor: Christina Fernandez
Submissions Editor: Stephanie Parrado
Chief Notes & Comments Editor: Shanzay Pervaiz
Writing Competition Editor: Olivia Parise

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