Miami Law Students Benefit from 2-Week Exchange Program with Univ. Leipzig, Germany


3L Romney Maron Manassa and Leipzig student Ingmar

3L Romney Maron Manassa & Leipzig student Ingmar Heide

Ten 2L and 3L Miami Law students traveled to Leipzig, Germany for four days in May as part of the Leipzig-Miami Exchange Program. Since 2001, the program has promoted the scholarly exchange of ideas between students and faculty from Miami Law and the University of Leipzig.  
Leipzig was named European City of the Year this year. Students and faculty from both law schools meet twice a year, once in Miami and again in Leipzig, to discuss ten topics relating to law or policy. Last year, topics ranged from policing the police, public policy, and law regarding the exchange of money for sex, the appropriate limits on free speech, and the impact of gentrification.  

Exchange of U.S. and German Perspective on Issues
Romney Maron Manassa, an International Arbitration J.D./LL.M. joint degree student, together with Leipzig students, presented last January and May on the topics of restorative justice and civil and criminal forfeiture. “The Leipzig Exchange Program offers a unique opportunity for students to break out of the parochial confines of U.S. law and practice and learn how a fellow federal constitutional republic tackles some of the biggest legal issues in the 21st century,” said Manassa.  
“Just as important is the chance to make lasting friendships with the Leipzig students, through dialogue about our presentation topics and spending time exploring each other’s cities together.”   

History of the Program
The first exchange took place when Professor Emeritus Richard Williamson was a Fulbright Professor at the University of Leipzig. The program was further developed by Professor Emeritus David Abraham. Current faculty advisors for the program are Professor Donna Coker, Professor Mary Anne Franks, and Professor Rebecca Sharpless
Topics are selected by the Miami and Leipzig faculty.  Miami Law students make oral presentations during each session on the U.S. perspective on their assigned topic. Law students from the University of Leipzig present the German perspective on the same topic. All presentations and discussions are in English and open to the university communities at both institutions. All students are active participants throughout the discussions.  
2-Credit Program Also Fulfills Writing Requirement 
The Leipzig students visit Miami in January or February and Miami Law students visit Leipzig in May soon after law school graduation. The exchanges typically last three days and four nights. Students receive 2 credits in the spring semester. They are required to participate actively in the program and to complete a short paper for the workshop.  
The program can also be used to fulfill the upper-level writing requirement by taking an additional credit and writing a substantially longer paper on a workshop-related topic. All papers are supervised by the program faculty, often in collaboration with other Miami Law faculty with relevant expertise. 
To Learn More, Deadline to Apply 
To learn more about the program, students can attend an Informational Session on September 12, 2019, in Room A216B or visit the Leipzig Exchange Program webpage.

The deadline to apply is: Friday, October 18, 2019.  APPLY NOW