Professor Caroline Bettinger-Lopez Co-Authors Textbook "Doctrine, Practice, and Advocacy in the Inter-American Human Rights System"


Prof. Carrie Bettinger-Lopez

Professor Caroline Bettinger-Lopez

Professor Caroline Bettinger-Lopez recently co-authored a textbook, Doctrine, Practice, and Advocacy in the Inter-American Human Rights System, published by Oxford University Press. The book contains an explanation of the history and development of the Inter-American system; a summary of, and engagement with, the key decisions of the Commission and the Court; and provides an analysis of civil society campaigns through texts by activists, practitioners, and scholars. The textbook is a useful tool for law professors, students, and practitioners engaged with the Inter-American human rights system. Professor Bettinger-Lopez is Director of the Human Rights Clinic at Miami Law, and also serves as an Adjunct Senior Fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations. Professor Bettinger-López’s scholarship, practice, and teaching concern international human rights law and policy advocacy, violence against women, gender and race discrimination, immigrants’ rights, and clinical legal education. She focuses on the implementation of human rights norms at the domestic level, principally in the United States and Latin America. Professor Bettinger-López regularly litigates and engages in other forms of advocacy before the Inter-American Human Rights system, the United Nations, federal and state courts, and legislative bodies.