Lawyer from Saudi Arabia Chosen as LL.M. Student Marshal for Spring Graduation


Bayan Alhejji, a lawyer from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia was chosen as the LL.M. Student Marshal for University of Miami Law’s spring Commencement 2019. Student marshals assist in representing classmates and leading the graduation procession. Having just completed her LL.M. in International Law, the Saudi lawyer plans to head back to her home country after graduation.  

When asked about Ms. Alhejji, Carmen Perez-Llorca, Director of Miami Law’s International Graduate Law Programs, was not surprised Bayan had been chosen for the honor. Says Perez-Llorca, “Bayan has been an extraordinary student.  Her focus, determination and drive, together with her passion for the law, have been instrumental in her many accomplishments during the time she has spent at Miami Law. I am convinced that she will go on to put her passion into practice and achieve great things when she returns to her home country of Saudi Arabia.” 

We were able to catch up with Banyan before heading back to her home country and got some more background on this hardworking student and lawyer.   

Can You Tell Us a Little About Your Background? 
I am from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.  My father is an engineer, and my mother is a teacher. I am 27, have three brothers and three sisters, and I am married and I have a son. 

What made you go to law school? Why did you choose to come to Miami Law? 
I always have had the ambition to complete my education. Thus, when I finished my bachelor’s degree in Law, I applied to the LL.M. My friend was a student in the UM school of law, and she recommended the school for me as a good school in law. I am currently thinking about pursuing my S.J.D (doctoral of judicial sciences). 

What was the biggest obstacle you had to face? 
I would not say it was the biggest obstacle, but I faced some difficulties absorbing the structures of the laws in the U.S. 

Which course(s) did you most enjoy studying while at Miami Law and why? 
I have to acknowledge that almost all courses which I took were helpful, but a few were especially helpful. L-Comm 1 & 2 were very helpful because it teaches how the legal writing should be, so it improved my legal writing. As well, there were some short courses I found helpful such as consumer protection. Consumer protection gave me a flavor regarding the issues of consumer protection in the United States. Transactional Drafting was also a useful course, it taught me how I could read and write an agreement such as an Asset or Stock Purchase. 

Which faculty and/or staff members at Miami Law were most helpful to you during your LL.M. studies? 
The Librarian was very helpful when I faced some difficulties regarding the citations or research. In addition, my program office (International Graduate Law Programs) was extremely helpful for any issues you would face as an international student. They assisted me in choosing my courses, and they explained to me and other students regarding the environment of the law school. I really found the office very helpful, and I really appreciate their cooperation and assistance during my LL.M. 

What do you want to do next? Practice in Saudi Arabia?  
As I mentioned, I am contemplating pursuing my S.J.D, and when I get back to my country Saudi Arabia, I will work with the trade ministry. I learned a lot at the law school here, and it is a great opportunity to study abroad since it opens your mind to other thoughts and ideas. I believe that diversity creates a lot of opportunities because you meet different people from different backgrounds, thus, you share with them and they share with you many ideas which will assist you to think out of the box. 

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