University of Miami Law Review Volume 74 Editorial Board Announced


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The Editorial Board of Volume 74 of the University of Miami Law Review has been announced. Candidates were invited onto the Law Review because they either placed in the top 6.5% of their class or because they placed in the top 33 of their class or section and won the UMLR Writing Competition.

Hannah Gordon is Editor-in-Chief of Volume 74.  The following students were also elected to the Executive Board: 

Anabel Blanco, Executive Editor 

Anne Marie McLaughlin, Executive Editor

Stephanie Moran, Executive Editor

Michael J. Kimok, Senior Articles Editor

Jennifer Hicks, Student Notes & Comments Editor

Franco Piccinni, Student Notes & Comments Editor

Alli Katzen, Senior Writing Editor

Caroline Herter, Eleventh Circuit Editor 

Caitlyn Cullen, Symposium Editor

Giselle Sardinas, Symposium Editor

Sophia Rub, Online Editor

Elisabeth Rabin, Managing Editor

Matthew Casbarro, Articles & Comments Editor

Michael Clinch, Articles & Comments Editor

Meaghan Goldstein, Articles & Comments Editor

Benjamin Longnecker, Articles & Comments Editor

Stephanie Rosner, Articles & Comments Editor 

Keigan Vannoy, Articles & Comments Editor 


Additionally, the Law Review is pleased to announce the Volume 73 candidates who have been selected for publication in Volume 74. 

Benjamin Longnecker*

"Federal Ignorance and the Battle for Supervised Injection Sites"

Advisor: Professor Patrick O. Gudridge  

*Winner of the University of Miami Law Review’s Volume 73 Soia Mentschikoff Award for Excellence in Scholarly Writing.

Caitlyn Cullen

"Nipped in the Bud: How Legal Disparities Create Financial Growth Hurdles in the State-Sanctioned Marijuana Industry"

Advisor: Professor Kathleen Claussen  

Amelia Daynes

"The Matrix: How Parole Eligibility in Florida Fails to Make Life Sentences Constitutional for Juveniles"

Advisor: Professor Tamara Rice Lave 

Hannah Gordon

"Cowboys and Indians: Settler Colonialism and the Dog Whistle in U.S. Immigration Policy"

Advisor: Professor Rebecca Sharpless 

Alli Katzen

"Why Justice Kavanaugh Should Continue Justice Kennedy’s Death Penalty Legacy—Next Step: Expanding Juvenile Death Penalty Ban"

Advisor: Professor Shara Kobetz Pelz 

Michael J. Kimok

"One Last Drink: Rigsby, Cort, & Sandoval—The Disimplication of Private Rights of Action"

Advisor: Professor Kathleen Claussen 

Stephanie Moran

"The Continuing Search for Humaneness: Why Firing Squads Are a Preferable Method of Execution to Lethal Injection"

Advisor: Professor Shara Kobetz Pelz 

Clayton Schmitt

"The Future Is Today: Preparing the Legal Ground for the United States Space Force"

Advisor: Professor Christina M. Frohock  


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