Kele Stewart, Co-Director of the Children & Youth Law Clinic, Releases Policy Report on Foster Care Needs in 10 FL Counties


Kele Stewart, Associate Dean for Experiential Learning, Professor of Clinical Legal Education and Co-Director of the Children & Youth Law Clinic, recently released a policy report on the education of children in foster care titled "Policies and Practices to Address the Educational Needs of Foster Children in Ten Florida Counties." The report presents findings from a study of the policies and practices in 10 Florida counties to improve academic outcomes for this vulnerable population, and also assesses the implementation of federal and state laws intended to address educational disparities among foster youth. Read it here.  In the clinic, she supervises students who handle cases involving abused, abandoned and neglected children.  She also teaches courses on family and juvenile law and legal practice.  Her scholarship is in the areas of child welfare, children’s rights and clinical education.  Professor Stewart currently serves as Associate Dean of Experiential Learning, responsible for administrative oversight of the Law Schools clinics, externships and other practical courses.  In 2011-2012, she received a Fulbright Scholar award to study the child protection system in her native country Trinidad & Tobago.