Professor Stephen Urice Lectures at Art Law Foundation and Serves as Co-chair and Panel Moderator at The Hoffman Forum; Steps Down as President of the International Cultural Property Society


Professor Stephen Urice recently lectured on European Union Regulations on the movement of works of art within the Union at the Art Law Foundation conference, “Cross-border Movement of Works of Art in Europe: Freedom or Constraints.” He also served as co-chair of the Third All Art and Cultural Heritage Law Conference “National Treasures: Limits to Private Property and Cross-Border Movements” and served as co-chair and panel moderator at The Hoffman Forum: The Aspen Institute’s Artist-Endowed Foundations Initiative’s annual Leadership Forum. He recently stepped down as President of the International Cultural Property Society after seven years of service. He will remain on the board and serve as the Society’s secretary over the next year. Professor Urice teaches courses in Elements of the Law, Trusts & Estates, Art Law, Museum Law, and Cultural Property Law and seminars primarily in Art, Museum, and Cultural Property law and Artists' Endowed Foundations: Law & Policy. He is the Arts Track Director for Miami Law's LL.M. in Entertainment, Arts and Sports Law. He lectures nationally and internationally on cultural heritage law and policy.