#MeToo - Entertainment and Sports Law Panel on Past, Present, Future of the Movement


The Entertainment and Sports Law Society held a Sexual Harassment in the Entertainment Industry panel last week. The panel of lawyers discussed the origins of the #MeToo movement and how it has transcended beyond the entertainment industry to fundamentally shift employer/employee culture as we know it. 

Elizabeth Rodriguez, Professor Mary Anne Franks, Carrie Goldberg, Ivy Kagan Bierman

The accomplished panel was moderated by Miami Law Adjunct Professor Ivy Kagan Bierman, and she was joined by a diverse group of attorneys fighting sexual assault and sexual harassment in society including Professor Mary Anne Franks and Carrie Goldberg and Elizabeth M. Rodriguez. 

The four attorneys discussed a wide net of interconnected topics that help to understand #MeToo and the issues it is fighting to remedy. The conversation started around a discussion of legal literacy and the importance of understanding the definitions of sexual harassment and sexual assault, the differences between the two, and the effects of both on victims. 

Once the core issues at the focus of #MeToo were defined, the panelists went on to share the effects of the movement on the entertainment industry and the subsequent cultural shift that has elicited change throughout other industries as well. A poignant critique of the recent Supreme Court nomination drove home how heightened societal attention to sexual harassment and sexual assault has permeated even our highest, most respected institutions. 

About the Panel:

Ivy Kagan Bierman, is a Partner at Loeb & Loeb, whose practice includes the representation of entertainment and related companies in labor, production, distribution, technology and other business matters. She is an active participant in the #MeToo and Time’s Up movements, serving as a member of the Legal, Legislative and Policy Committee on Sexual Harassment and Gender Parity for Time’s Up and is outside counsel on Sexual Harassment and Gender Parity for The Commission on Eliminating Sexual Harassment and Advancing Equality in the Workplace. 

Professor Mary Anne Franks, along with being a professor at Miami Law, is heavily involved with the issue of Cyber Civil Rights. She is the President and Legislative and Tech Policy Director of the Cyber Civil Rights Initiative where she has spearheaded legislation on nonconsensual pornography and gives key talks on issues relating to online privacy, extortion, harassment and threats. 

Carrie Goldberg is a prominent victims’ rights attorney and the founding member of the New York firm C.A. Goldberg, PLLC that takes a bold, cutting edge approach to giving legal help for clients under attack by “pervs, a-holes, psychos, and trolls.” 

Elizabeth M. Rodriguez is an accomplished trial lawyer who has represented clients across a broad range of industries regarding employment law cases. Her expertise in litigating sexual harassment issues in the workplace along with her experiences investigating such cases has given her a hands-on perspective as to the harassment that exists for employees.