You Too Can Soar: 8 LL.M. Programs, Limitless Potential


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Freddie Brackin 

Camaraderie + Network Lead to Job for Estate Planning LL.M. Alum

“I started researching the programs, and one thing that really drew me [to the Heckerling LL.M. in Estate Planning] was that it is taught by actual practitioners in the field,” he says. “I knew that I wanted to work at a larger firm and a lot of the professors were group leaders at large firms so I knew that those would also be good connections.”

Billboard Logo

Billboard Names University of Miami Law Leading Music Law School

The University of Miami School of Law is highlighted in Billboard Magazine’s list of the nation’s leading schools for music law programs. Two alumni, Horacio Gutierrez of Spotify and Leslie José Zigel of Greenspoon Marder, made the list of top music industry lawyers.


Visionary Alumnus on Real Estate Development & Downtown Amusement Park Venture

“Your law degree will be invaluable to your future careers,” Berkowitz told students,“in terms of being developers, you should be able to do more and do it better than a lot of others.”


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arbitration students

Growth of LL.M. Practicum Broadens Opportunities for International Arbitration Students 

“My practicum at Shutts & Bowen had a substantial influence on my future career path,” said Russian student Madina Lokova. “I think that the practicum was a great practical experience. I am very thankful to the International Arbitration LL.M. Program for this priceless opportunity to get hands-on experience by working in the dispute resolution practice in a local law firm.”

Mariana Briceño

LLM Students Secure Great Jobs - Upshot of Course with In-House Counsel as Mentors

Briceño came to Miami Law with a lot of experience under her belt – a lawyer in Venezuela, a business LL.M. from Vanderbilt Law School, years working at Baker & Makenzie, and a member of the New York Bar. But it was the course, Briceño says, that added that boost to break into this tight job market.  “It is perfect for the LL.M. who wants to work as in-house counsel for a Latin American legal department. It gave me the tools to understand the issues that arise in Latin America.”

Doug Gaston

Veteran Lawyer Lands in New Sea with Maritime LL.M.

“Pursuing an LL.M. at Miami Law was a very fulfilling experience. The ability to take classes at the Law School and at RSMAS provided me with a balance of law, policy, and science,” Gaston says. “That combination gave me a broad perspective on the issues I’m concerned with—such as sustainable fishing, marine protected areas, and the effects pollution and rising sea temperatures are having on our oceans and fisheries.”

Leopoldo Escobar

With JD/LLM in Tax, Venezuelan Attorney Prepares to Practice in U.S., Keeps Caracas Practice

"I had a lot of information about U.S. law schools because as a professor I received a lot of requests for recommendations for applications to study in the U.S. and the UM law program is very respected in the Venezuelan legal community," Escobar says."I knew I wanted to get a J.D., but I also needed to continue to work while making the transition to understanding U.S. tax matters. By entering through the LL.M. program, there was more flexibility and ability to transfer into the J.D. requirements and jointly work on the tax courses."