L’Oréal Paris Honors Holly Jacobs as Activist for Cyber Civil Rights


Adjunct professor Holly Jacobs’ life was turned upside down when nude photographs of herself she shared privately with someone she was in a relationship with surfaced on the internet in 2011 without her consent and exposing her identity. Desperate for resources to protect herself, Jacobs wanted to run and hide from the world. Instead, she channeled her strength and chose to fight back — for herself and other victims of non-consensual porn or “revenge porn.”

Holly Jacobs at the Women of Worth event

Last week, L’Oréal Paris flew Jacobs to New York where she was honored as a Women of Worth attended by celebrities, dignitaries and distinguished volunteers.  The Women of Worth Community provides honorees with a national platform to share information about cherished causes and help spread the spirit of volunteerism across the country.

Jacobs launched her End Revenge Porn campaign in 2012, which started as an effort to gather signatures in favor of creating a federal law against non-consensual porn. Her initiative evolved into the Cyber Civil Rights Initiative, a nonprofit organization housed at the University of Miami School of Law that serves thousands of victims around the world and advocating for technological, social, and legal innovation to fight online abuse and discrimination.

Today, CCRI serves thousands of victims around the world, and of the 41 states and D.C. that currently have laws against this, CCRI advised legislators on drafting NCP legislation in 30 of those states, D.C., and the federal government. Since the establishment of the CCRI Crisis Helpline in 2014, it has served an average of 100-200 victims of NCP or online harassment per month. In 2017 alone, CCRI’s Crisis Helpline served 2,609 callers.

"As a Women of Worth, I want to tell victims like myself that they don’t have to run or hide in shame,” says Jacobs. “They are not alone and together we have the power to speak up and fight online abuse."

L’Oréal Paris Women of Worth honors extraordinary women who selflessly volunteer their time to serve their communities. The signature philanthropic program embodies the L’Oréal Paris belief that ‘Every Woman Is Worth It’ by elevating women who find beauty in giving back.

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CCRI Hotline: 844-878-CCRI (2274)