University of Miami Law Review Volume 72 Editorial Board Announced


The Editorial Board of Volume 72 of the University of Miami Law Review has been posted. Candidates were invited onto the Law Review because they either placed in the top 6.5% of their class or because they placed in the top 33 of their class or section and won the UMLR Writing Competition.

Josh Mandel is Editor-in-Chief of Volume 72.  The following students were also elected to the Executive Board:

Olivia Castillo, Executive Editor
Ashley Gómez-Rodón, Executive Editor
Karla Utset, Executive Editor
Luis M. Reyes, Senior Articles Editor
Melissa Scott, Senior Notes and Comments Editor
Elizabeth McIntosh, Senior Notes and Comments Editor
Whitney Lohr, Senior Writing Editor
Blaine Remmick, Eleventh Circuit Editor
Justin Stern, Online Editor
Javier Roldán Cora, Symposium Editor
Adam Stolz, Managing Editor
Ian Campa, Articles and Comments Editor
Chris Fraga, Articles and Comments Editor
Jillian Kovler, Articles and Comments Editor
Alexis Mason, Articles and Comments Editor
Lauren Sabella, Articles and Comments Editor
Haley Weiss, Articles and Comments Editor
Additionally, the Law Review is pleased to announce the Volume 71 candidates who have been selected for publication in Volume 72.
•    Olivia Castillo, advised by Professor Ricardo J. Bascuas: “Kratom Crackdown: How the DEA Abused its Emergency Scheduling Authority Under the Controlled Substances Act.”
•    Nicole Chipi, advised by Vice Dean Osamudia James: “‘Eat Your Vitamins and Say Your Prayers’ -- Bollea v. Gawker, “Revenge Litigation” Funding, and the Fate of the Fourth Estate."
•    Christopher Fraga: “A Room with a Brew: A Comparative Look at Homebrewing Laws in Japan & the U.S.”  
•    Summer Galitz, advised by Professor Cheryl E. Zuckerman: “Killer Cell Phones and Complacent Companies: How Apple Holds the Cure to Distracted Driving Fatalities Caused by Cell Phones, Yet Fails to Release it.”
•    Josh Mandel, advised by Professor Peter A. Carfagna: “Deflategate Pumped Up: Analyzing the Second Circuit’s Decision and the NFL’s Collective Bargaining Agreement.”
•    Alexis Mason, advised by Professor Caroline Mala Corbin: “Compelled Commercial Disclosures: Zauderer’s Application to Non-Misleading Commercial Speech.”
•    Juan Olano, advised by Professor Stephen J. Schnably: “The Right to Privacy in Today’s Digital World and its Interrelatedness with Constitutional Standing Jurisprudence.”
•    Karla Utset, advised by Professor Annette Torres: “The Jurisprudence of Non-Consensual Pornography and the Implications of Kanye West’s Famous Music Video.”

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