Professor Donna Coker Presents Webinar and Publishes Article on Anti-Domestic Violence


Professor Donna Coker recently presented her third in a series of webinars entitled, “Why Opposing Hyper-Incarceration Should Be Central to the Work of the Anti-Domestic Violence Movement.”  The webinars are sponsored by the National Clearinghouse for the Defense of Battered Women and attended by a national audience of human services providers, attorneys, law enforcement, and advocates engaged in assisting survivors of domestic and sexual violence.   Coker is an expert consultant with the NCDBW project, Ending Mass Incarceration, Centralizing Racial Justice, and Developing Alternatives: The Role of Anti-Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Organizations. This project provides assistance to interested State Coalitions Against Domestic and Sexual Violence. Professor Coker also recently published the article, “Crime Logic, Campus Sexual Assault, and Restorative Justice.”  The article was published in a symposium, titled Violence Against Women, which was part of the annual Criminal Law Symposium of Texas Tech Law School. Professor Coker scholarship focuses on criminal law, gender and inequality. She is a nationally recognized expert in domestic violence law and policy.