ABA Podcast: Investor Rights Interns Give Advice - Getting Most Out of Clinic Experience


3L Kevin Shea and 2L Jean Strickland recently posted a podcast on the American Bar Association Section of Litigation website, which aimed to inform law students considering a clinic on how to get the most out of a law school clinic experience.

Shea serves as a co-chair of the Legal Clinic and Law School Subcommittee of the ABA Securities Litigation Committee. He completed his internship at Miami Law’s Investor Rights Clinic in the spring of 2016 during the second semester of his 2L year.

“The clinic was one of the most rewarding and enriching experiences I had in law school,” Shea said. “It helped me develop my professional interests and hone important practical skills, all while serving investors in need.” Shea plans to work at a commercial litigation firm in New Jersey after he graduates in May.

Strickland served as a legal intern at the IRC in the fall of 2016, the first semester of her 2L year.

“I approached the clinic work knowing that we get out of something what we put into it.  I was not disappointed,” Strickland said. “The mock statement of claim I prepared as an intern was an invaluable writing experience and served as a writing sample, which I believe was instrumental in garnering a summer 2017 externship at the Securities and Exchange Commission’s Chicago Regional Office.”

Of her internship at the IRC, Strickland said that her experience preparing for a live mediation – and the favorable result achieved for the client – was both gratifying and educational.

“The Investor Rights Clinic provides exceptional direct-services work experience, which I highly recommend to any law student seeking to augment their theory-based education,” she said. Strickland, who came to law school after working as a banking executive, continues to serve as a fellow at the IRC in the spring 2017 semester.

The podcast, titled “Getting the Most Out of Your Clinical Experience,” is available to ABA members here. The ABA is a national association of attorneys with more than 400,000 members. Dues for law students to join the ABA are free