Reception Honors Faculty Scholarship


Miami Law hosted a Faculty Scholarship Reception in the Alma Jennings Student Lounge last week to acknowledge the scholarly achievements and publications of a number of law professors.

Professor Thomas Robinson during the Faculty Scholarship Reception

Twenty-eight Miami Law professors attended the reception, each with their scholarly work on display. The works covered a range of topics, from Professor Christina Frohock’s forthcoming book examining the legal issues associated with the U.S Navy’s involvement in Guantánamo Bay to Professor A. Michael Froomkin’s newly published book discussing the transformative field of robotics law and policy.

Osamudia James, Vice Dean and Professor at Miami Law, organized the event. “I think it speaks for itself, that scholarship is one part of our commitment to the intellectual community,” James said.

One of the works on display was a recent paper published by Professor Andres Sawicki. “Buying Teams,” published in the Seattle University Law Review, explores the phenomenon of what Sawicki calls the “acqui-hire,” a scenario in which a large tech company acquires a small startup, and subsequently hires the engineers, but discards everything else the company has.

Sawicki proposes the theory that one of the motivations behind such transactions is the acquisition of the patents owned by the startup company. “The idea is, basically, that a patent makes it easier for Google or Facebook to keep the team together, to the extent that the patent covers the kind of technology that the team had created and would most likely continue working on.”
Sawicki is particularly interested in how intellectual property affects creativity; he anticipates publishing a paper on the subject in the Loyola University of Chicago Law Review before the end of the year.  

While this is the first time Miami Law has hosted this event, Vice Dean James is hoping it won’t be the last: “Hopefully this is the start of a continuous event that we do every single year.”