Real Property LL.M. Grad is In-House Counsel on Major Commercial Joint Venture in Colombia


Marcela Camargo had been working in real estate law for more than ten years when her employer offered her the opportunity she had dreamed of for years - a post-graduate LL.M. degree.

Marcela Camargo, LL.M. '16

Planning to expand its investment in commercial real estate, Grupo Éxito, the largest retail operator in Colombia, sent Camargo to Miami Law to enhance her skill set with an LL.M. in Real Property Development.

Shortly after finishing her LL.M. in May 2016 and returning to work in Colombia, Camargo began an assignment on a major joint venture project between her employer, Grupo Éxito, and a leading private equity fund—Fondo Inmobiliario Colombia. The two corporate giants were teaming up to invest in Viva Malls—a real estate vehicle created by Grupo Éxito, and also the largest commercial real estate management and operation vehicle in Colombia.

Camargo’s newly refined skill set was quickly put to use for the biggest project of her career. She’s now leading the legal issues on the joint venture in her capacity as in-house counsel.

The Colombian attorney credits the LL.M. program and curriculum with preparing her for work on the collaboration.  Camargo believes it is unlikely that she would have been able to work on such a deal without the training she received at Miami Law.   

“Having had the chance to go through the details of this type of transaction in the United States—where deals of this size or bigger are made so often—has made me more confident, practical and inventive,” said the Medellín native.

“Becoming an alumna of the program has opened many professional possibilities for me,” said Camargo of the LL.M. program that features a faculty of prominent authorities and practitioners in real estate law. “The transaction I’m participating in now is one of the few transactions of its kind in my country,” she explained.

The RPD LL.M. explores the subjects necessary to develop an understanding of land acquisition, finance, regulation, tax law, construction law, residential and commercial development, landlord tenant, closings, negotiation, planning strategies and drafting.

“I enjoyed being exposed to different real estate laws and perspectives, best practices, and real cases, all of which has expanded my capacity to execute with judgment, knowledge, and confidence,” she said.  

While studying at Miami Law, Marcela was one of two RPD LL.M. students to receive a scholarship from CREW-Miami—an association of commercial real estate professionals, dedicated to supporting and propelling women in the industry.

“In sum, I could not be more grateful for the RPD LL.M. because earning this specialized Master’s degree has made a dream of mine come true.”

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