Miami Law Launches Civil Rights Practicum


Professor Donald Jones has recently inaugurated a Civil Rights Practicum at Miami Law - a first at the school. Externship opportunities within the practicum, which began in August, 2016, provide a unique experiential learning platform in which students are paired with elite civil rights litigators to gain hands-on experience with civil rights litigation. Jones has partnered with Rasco, Klock, Perez & Nieto, P.L., the American Civil Liberties Union, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, Rand Law, L.L.C., and the Willie Gary Law Group.

Professor Donald Jones

Subject matter areas in which the students work include Title VII litigation, First Amendment litigation, civil litigation challenging excessive force by police, and issues involving voting rights, particularly as it pertains to people of color.
“I want to institutionalize a commitment by the law school to train students in civil rights litigation,” Jones said. “We need to prepare a new generation of students to have the skills necessary to play a leadership role in the new civil rights movements of the 21st century.”
Students work for credit, not pay, contributing 40 to 50 hours for one credit towards graduation.
Jones, who has taught Constitutional Law for many years at the law school, has written three books about the civil and political rights of minorities and the poor. “The Externship Program is an extension of my scholarly agenda,” said Jones.