Miami Law's Franks and Jacobs Appear at Capitol Hill Press Conference to Discuss Proposed Federal Law


 Holly Jacobs and Professor Mary Anne Franks

Professor Dr. Mary Anne Franks and Dr. Holly Jacobs, founders of the Cyber Civil Rights Initiative at Miami Law, appeared at a press conference on Capitol Hill on Thursday to help introduce the Intimate Privacy Protection Act, a law to criminalize non-consensual pornography.

"Non-consensual pornography ruins lives, and there is no justification for it," said Franks, who help draft the legislation. "There is no First Amendment right to turn people's private sex lives into public entertainment."

The long-awaited bill, sponsored by U.S. Representative Jackie Speier, a California Democrat, has bipartisan support.

"The passage of the Act puts our goal of ending non-consensual pornography within reach for the American people," said Jacobs. "The bill gives women, men, and children the protection that they need to live their lives free from the fear and anguish caused by non-consensual pornography."

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