JD ‘15 Publishes Book to Make Understanding Politics Easy


With the Presidential primaries set to begin in less than a month, many voters are confused and wonder for whom to vote. They also muddle through the political issues at hand or even wonder what the Republican and Democratic Parties stand for.

Enter PolitiGuide 2016, the brain child of Miami Law alumnus, Julian Rudolph J.D. ‘15 and his longtime friend, Kyle Hackel. The book’s purpose is simple – to make politics easy. As Rudolph explains, “Each chapter of the book discusses the general and historical positions that both the Democratic and Republican parties take on certain issues. These arguments are presented side-by-side, and approached from a nonpartisan perspective.” After reading the guide, readers should understand the basics behind these issues and begin to form genuine thoughts and opinions on them.

Rudolph started writing the book during his first year in law school, but got the idea for the book in 2008 while he and Hackel were freshmen at Rollins College. It was also an election year and everyone was talking politics. “I decided to write the book because I saw a genuine need for the promotion and distribution of truly unbiased, foundational political knowledge,” says Rudolph, who always had a love of history and went on to graduate with a degree in Political Science.

As a first-time author, Rudolph compares the publishing process to being a law student. “I was inexperienced, stressed out, and constantly being introduced to concepts and language that I wasn’t familiar with. We kind of had to just jump in and do the best that we could.”  

Book author seems a perfect fit for Rudolph, who says he isn’t sure he wants to be a practicing attorney his whole life and credits Miami Law’s program, LawWithoutWalls Program with changing his views on practicing law. “My experience taught me that if you believe that you can generate positive change, you have to go for it.” Rudolph also credits Professor Ricardo Bascuas for guiding him in the right direction. “My experience in his Federal Appellate Clinic, his Evidence class, and his Criminal Procedure class gave me the tools that I needed to graduate, pass the bar, and become a successful and competent lawyer.”

Currently, Rudolph and Hackel are promoting their book and political discussion to schools across the country and are hoping to increase student voter turnout. They also plan to follow the campaign trail in 2016 and with the exception of PolitiGuide 2020, are already thinking of another  book - a book about the experience of writing a book.