2L Student Joins STREET LAW and Makes a Difference at Carol City High School


2L Ian Maiolo

For Ian Maiolo, a 2L at Miami Law, the STREET LAW Program served as a way to become involved in the local community.

“STREET Law turned out to be the perfect option for getting involved,” said Maiolo, a native of Jensen Beach, Florida and a graduate of the University of Florida.  “I have truly enjoyed getting to know the students of Miami's Carol City High School.”

The goal of the Miami STREET LAW program is to empower youth through interactive education about law, democracy, and human rights while furthering the professional development of law students. Students who participate in the STREET LAW program obtain course credit while teaching law to high school and middle school youths. Since STREET LAW classes use interactive teaching strategies – including mock trials, moot courts and simulated negotiations—law students can hone their communication and analytical skills while gaining exposure to other professionals and the community.

“My most memorable experience was asking all the students in our Carol City class what they wanted to pursue when they graduated high school,” said Maiolo. “Our lesson plan that week was teaching about how to get into colleges and giving information on different career paths. It was really inspiring to hear all of the different aspirations of the students.”

STREET LAW fellows and interns teach at eight different schools across Miami-Dade County, including Miami Carol City High School. They teach a wide array of topics, including torts, criminal law, family law, constitutional law, court systems and landlord/tenant law.

“I have had so many laughs with the students that I would not trade for anything,” said Maiolo, who has been involved with STREET LAW since August. “I really look forward to introducing something new every week and knowing that it will be an enjoyable experience teaching students who enjoy learning.”

Maiolo, who is also a legal intern at the Investor Rights Clinic, plans on staying involved with the program next year and hopes to practice commercial or securities law either in Florida or the North East after graduation.