Son and Daughter Honor Father John Cyril Malloy with Endowed Intellectual Property Scholarship at Miami Law


The late John Cyrill MalloyJennie S. Malloy, JD ’87, and John Cyril Malloy, III, JD ’92, recently established a scholarship through their law firm Malloy & Malloy P.L. to assist law students who have an interest in the field of Intellectual Property law. The John Cyril Malloy Intellectual Property Law Endowed Memorial Scholarship honors the memory of their father, John Malloy, who was a former member of the Florida House of Representatives, adjunct law professor at Miami Law, and founder of the intellectual property law firm Malloy & Malloy.

“Our father chose to start a law practice in Miami because it was an international city with a growing university as part of the local economy’s intellectual foundation,” said John Malloy III, a partner at Malloy & Malloy. “He later gave back by teaching at the University of Miami Law School as an adjunct professor of patent law. We wanted to honor his memory in that same spirit.”

The scholarship will be awarded to law students based on merit and the recipients will be known as John Cyril Malloy Scholars.

“We hope recipients of the scholarship will pursue careers in Intellectual Property, either creating it themselves or helping innovators to obtain patent, trademark, and copyright protection,” said Malloy.

John C. Malloy, Jr. died in 2014. He moved to Miami in 1959, where he was one of the only registered patent attorneys in Florida. He was elected to the Florida House of Representatives in 1972, where he served through 1982 and sponsored the Biscayne Bay Aquatic Preserve Act, which now protects 67,000 acres of submerged lands. Malloy also sponsored legislation to allow Cuban-exile and other immigrant professionals to be licensed by native language exams, and he was an early supporter of the Equal Rights Amendment. The law firm that he founded now boasts a dozen attorneys and represents local, national, and international clients in patent, trademark, and copyright cases.

“Our father encouraged us to attend the University of Miami School of Law because he knew first-hand that the faculty and administration were dedicated to core education, strong legal ethics, and community service,” said Malloy. “As usual, he was correct. We are very proud of our alma mater.”