Professor Susan Haack to Give a Series of Lectures in Medellin, Colombia


Professor Susan Haack recently gave a talk on “Religion, Evolution, and the U.S. Constitution” at the South East Alabama Federation of Atheists. She will also give a series of lectures in the Faculty of Law at the University of Medellin, Colombia including “Introduction to U.S. Evidence Law on Expert Testimony,” “Federal Philosophy of Science: Popper on Trial,” “Peer Review and Publication: Lessons for Lawyers,” “Proving Causation: The Weight of Combined Evidence,” and “Correlation and Causation: The ‘Bradford Hill Criteria’ in Epidemiological, Legal, and Epistemological Perspective.” Professor Haack holds a joint appointment in the Philosophy Department and the Law School. She is Distinguished Professor in the Humanities, Cooper Senior Scholar in Arts and Sciences. Her work ranges from philosophy of logic and language, epistemology, metaphysics, philosophy of science, Pragmatism—both philosophical and legal—and the law of evidence, especially scientific evidence, to social philosophy, feminism, and philosophy of literature.