Director and Associate Director of the Academic Achievement Program Present at the Association of American Law Schools


Joanne Harvest Koren, Lecturer-in–Law and Director of Miami Law's Academic Achievement Program and Alex Schimel, Lecturer-in-Law and Associate Director, recently gave a talk on "Early Intervention for At-Risk Students" at the Association of American Law Schools Annual Meeting in New York. Sponsored by the AALS Section on Academic Support, the 150 attendees were asked to challenge their assumptions about their law students and to think carefully about the meaning of the terms "at-risk," "early" and "intervention." What do we mean by "intervention?" How early is "too early?" And who, exactly are our "at risk students." Koren and Schimel addressed the definitional issues surrounding academic intervention and the session went on to explore the issue of whether law schools have an obligation to ensure that students are given the opportunity to succeed once they are admitted.