War Crimes Prosecution Watch Honors Forthcoming NSAC Article by Lecturer in Law Christina M. Frohock


Lecturer in Law Christina M. Frohock has an article forthcoming in the Summer 2013 issue of Miami Law's National Security & Armed Conflict Law Review. The article, titled "The Eyes of the World: Charges, Challenges, and Guantánamo Military Commissions After Hamdan II," has been selected for the "Worth Reading" section of War Crimes Prosecution Watch. War Crimes Prosecution Watch, a biweekly e-newsletter published jointly by the Public International Law & Policy Group and Case Western Reserve University School of Law, compiles official documents and articles analyzing war crimes issues and has more than 9,000 subscribers. Frohock teaches Legal Communication and Research Skills and an upper-level seminar on Legal Issues in Guantánamo. Her scholarship focuses on Guantánamo, and she has given a variety of presentations at conferences and universities. Previously, she taught Constitutional Law at the University of Miami and advanced legal research and writing at Florida International University College of Law.