Top International Litigator Carolyn Lamm, JD '73, Lectures on Emerging Issues in Investor-State Arbitration


From left, Jessica Carvalho Morris, Nikolaos Tsolakidis, Wamiq Chowdhury, Carolyn Lamm, Santiago Aguilar and Onur Saka. (Photo: Jessica Giraldo/Miami Law) 

Carolyn Lamm was one of just ten women among the 370 students entering the class of 1973 at Miami Law.

Lamm went on to become the first Miami Law alumna to lead the American Bar Association as its president and has been named by the National Law Journal as one of the nation's 50 most influential women and 100 most influential lawyers.

Now a Visiting Professor at Miami Law and a partner at White & Case, Lamm spoke recently to a group of Miami Law faculty members and students as part of theInternational Law Lecture Series, hosted by the Office of International Graduate Law Programs.

Lamm's lecture focused on how the globalization of business, spurred by technology, has demanded changes in the practice of law. These changes, she said, include the demand for better alignment of services to cost in billing practices, increased protection of clients' information against cyber-attacks and the need for lawyers to have an appreciation for the norms and practices of both the common and civil law legal systems.

"No one practices in one place anymore," said Lamm, widely recognized as one of the world's leading experts in international arbitration.

She also discussed recent developments in investment arbitration, particularly the reasons for the high amount of annulments by ad hoc committees within the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID). According to Lamm, a possible solution that may help guide ad hoc committees in the future is the 2012 ICSID Administrative Council's paper, which stressed the high standards of review and reaffirmed the limited scope of the ad hoc committee's authority.

"It's great to continue having such stellar speakers in the international arbitration field join us for our lecture series," said I.G.L.P Program Director Jessica Carvalho Morris. "Professor Lamm's presentation was very informative and challenged the audience to think and discuss relevant issues in the international practice of law."

One of the students in the audience, Elizaveta Ivanova, LL.M. '13, had been an associate in White & Case's office in Moscow before joining the U.S. and Transnational Law LL.M. program in August 2012. While working in the capital markets division at the firm, she attended one of Lamm's talks and was impressed by her achievements and leadership in the field.

"Not only is she an alumna of the same university I am now attending, but it's very inspiring to meet someone who has had such an incredible career and has made great contributions to the profession," Ivanova said. "It's one thing to read about Professor Lamm and it's quite another to be able to meet her in person and get to know her."

Keith S. Rosenn, a Miami Law Professor and Chair of the LL.M. programs in Inter-American Law and U.S. and Transnational Law for Foreign Lawyers, said Lamm's wealth of knowledge and experience in international arbitration and litigation is significant. "She is obviously on top of the most recent developments in the area, and her talk was extremely useful for both faculty and students," Professor Rosenn said. "She blended theory and practice in a way that was clear, understandable and informative."

In 2012, Lamm was honored by the University of Miami Inter-American Law Review's Lawyer of the Americas Award – which recognizes an attorney for demonstrated exemplary service in the field of Inter-American law. Lamm currently teaches investment arbitration in the International Arbitration LL.M. program.

The International Arbitration program begins in August every year. The 24-credit graduate program is small and selective, and is composed of practitioners from all over the world. Click here for more information on the LL.M. in International Arbitration at the University of Miami School of Law.

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