In PREP Sessions, Students Discuss Ethics in Electronic Evidence, Facebook Postings and Cloud Computing


 Provided to Miami Law)

Michael Greenfield (first on left) and Danny Ilani (first on right) with lawyers from Dade Legal Aid. (Photo: Provided to Miami Law) 

Michael Greenfield and Danny Ilani, two students in Miami Law's Professional Responsibility & Ethics Program, recently presented a CLE ethics training for Dade Legal Aid, which focused on the ethical dilemmas a lawyer may face when dealing withpro se litigants, clients, and technology in the twenty-first century.

Under the supervision of PREP director Jan L. Jacobowitz, the students discussed how a lawyer must use caution in proceeding to settle a case with a pro se litigant and the options available to a lawyer who believes that his client is not proceeding honestly based upon the client's Facebook postings. The students also addressed the danger of spoliation of electronic evidence, Florida's new e-filing requirements, and cloud computing in the practice of law.

"The Dade Legal Aid attorneys were engaged in the presentation and had great insight into the issues that were explored. It is always very interesting to discuss these issues with practicing attorneys who encounter them on a daily basis," said Greenfield.

"It was great interacting with the Dade Legal Aid attorneys and seeing how the rules of professional responsibility have impacted their legal careers. Listening to the attorneys share their real life experiences was a great learning experience," said Ilani.

The Professional Responsibility & Ethics Program (PREP) is an award-winning program which develops continuing legal education (CLE) ethics training for the legal community. The program combines the attributes of an ethics institute and an ethics clinic, and has dedicated hundreds of student hours to public service and has educated thousands of members of the Bench & Bar.

In 2012, PREP was recognized by the ABA with its E. Smythe Gambrell Professionalism Award – the leading national award recognizing programs and projects contributing to the understanding and advancement of professionalism among lawyers.