Professor David Abraham Discusses Cuba's Travel and Visa Policies on BBC Radio


Immigration law expert Professor David Abraham appeared on BBC "5 Live" worldwide radio to discuss recent changes in Cuba's travel and visa policies. Professor Abraham explained that by allowing much freer travel abroad and by allowing emigrants to retain property rights and citizenship, Cuba was joining the ranks of a diverse array of countries including Israel, Mexico, and Poland which had recently switched from treating their emigrants as traitors to treating them as assets deployed abroad. The Cuban leadership was also testing the dedication of its citizens as well as challenging the United States to take a more realistic view of the Cuban people and the endless embargo imposed on the island for decades. Professor Abraham teaches Property, Immigration & Citizenship Law, Citizenship and Identity, Law and the Transition to Capitalism and Law and Social Theory. He has been widely published in each of those areas as well as serving as a frequent media commentator for American, German, and Israeli newspapers and television.