Lecturer in Law Scott Rogers to Participate in Mindfulness Seminar


Lecturer in Law Scott Rogers will participate in a mindfulness seminar sponsored by Mindful Kids Miami, Inc. He will discuss how mindfulness is being used by the legal community. Rogers is the Founder and Director of the Mindfulness and Law Program at Miami Law. He is the author of Mindfulness for Law Students: Applying the Power of Mindful Awareness to Achieve Balance and Success in Law School which is being used in law schools across the country, The Six-Minute Solution: A Mindfulness Primer for Lawyers, and co-author of Mindfulness and Professional Responsibility A Guide Book for Integrating Mindfulness into the Law School Curriculum. Since 2008, Professor Rogers has been teaching a series of Jurisight® classes for Miami Law students and, in 2009, he began integrating mindfulness into the core curriculum. He developed and teaches "Mindfulness in Law," an upper level course and, with Professor Jan Jacobowitz, teaches "Mindful Ethics." He is Co-Chair of the Dade-County-Bar Association and Federal Bar Association's Mindfulness in Law Joint Task Force, and is co-founder of the University of Miami Mindfulness Research and Practice Initiative.