Rita Chertorivski of Mexico and Ghufran Alqahtani of Saudi Arabia To Graduate with LLM in International Law


Rita Chertorivski of Mexico and Ghufran Alqahtani of Saudi Arabia are just two of the International Graduate Law Program's (IGLP) students graduating this month. Like many students in the IGLP, they bring a surfeit of diverse experience and unique skill sets enriching all the students in the programs and the law school.

Chertorivski was born and raised in Mexico City. Because she was raised to always give back to the community, Chertorivski went into law with the passion to help those who could not help themselves. She attended the prestigious Mexican University, Ibero-American University, and graduated number one in her class.

After graduation, Chertorivski began working at Creel, Garcia-Cuellar, and Muggenburg, a premier corporate law firm in Mexico. At only the age of 23, Chertorivski was also offered a position teaching law at ITESO University in Guadalajara, Mexico to which she accepted. During that time, Chertorivski was selected for a competitive slot to work as a law clerk to federal judges. Later, she was selected to participate in a summer program at The Hague Academy of International Law in The Hague (Netherlands).

She decided to further distinguish her legal education with an LL.M. in International Law at the University of Miami. After graduation from Miami Law, Chertorivski will join Telemundo, an American Spanish-language broadcast television network and division of NBC Universal in Miami, as their Director of Business and Legal Affairs.

"Thanks to my LL.M at UM I had the opportunity to meet incredible people from all around the world," said Chertorivski. "It opened the door to a great professional network."

Born in Saudi Arabia, Ghufran Alqahtani knew she wanted to study law from a very early age. One evening while watching a program about successful women from Saudi Arabia, Alqahtani was introduced to lawyer and law professor, Dr. Wahi Lauqman. Alqahtani was inspired by Dr. Lauqman's story and decided at that moment she wanted to be a lawyer.

Alqahtani attended King Abdulaziz University in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and was an active member of many student organizations. Alqahtani graduated top of her class with First Honors. After graduating, Alqahtani accepted a teaching position at the King Abdulaziz University. She was the first female to teach International Law at King Abdulaziz University. During her employment at the University, Alqahtani was not only a Lecturer and Demonstrator, but she also organized staff's lectures and was an assistant and coordinator to the Law Department Office. "As an international student, the LLM program gave me an idea about the legal system in US and how to compare it to the other legal systems in the world, and it helped to intensify my knowledge in the field of international law and human rights," said Alqahtani.

"Rita and Ghufran are two of our stellar fall graduates," said Jessica Carvalho Morris, Director of Miami Law's International Graduate Law Programs. "They are both amazing professionals representing our Programs' cultural diversity. We are very proud of them and look forward to watching how their careers continue to develop."