Miami Law Welcomes Admitted Students; At Reception, Faculty and Staff Members Open Arms to UM Grads


 Catharine Skipp/Miami Law)

Admitted student Andrew McCarten and Diane Quick, Director of the Career Development Office, make the "U" sign. (Photo: Catharine Skipp/Miami Law) 

Miami Law held a special reception last week to celebrate and recognize members of the 2016 entering class who are students or graduates of the University of Miami. DeanPatricia White and numerous members of the faculty and administration attended to speak with these admitted students.

"I loved my undergraduate experience at UM, and I feel Miami Law is a good fit for me," said Andrew McCarten, a junior in the University's accelerated Honors Program in Pre-Law. McCarten received a Dean's Scholarship and will be attending Miami Law this fall. "I'm very excited."

Acknowledging the excellent quality of its undergraduate and graduate programs, Miami Law has a long tradition of admitting University of Miami graduates to its entering classes. The reception allowed the admitted students additional opportunities to meet and speak with faculty members and other law school community members, all of whom will be important to them as they progress through law school and into practice.

"Miami Law's program is outstanding," said admitted student Denise Ortega, a senior majoring in International Business, who is still undecided about attending law school in the fall. "Over the last 5 years I've seen some incredible changes, especially how Miami prepares its students for the real world. It really speaks to Miami Law's leadership."