Professor Bernard Perlmutter Publishes Article on Collaborative and Therapeutic Family Law


Professor Bernard Perlmutter published an article "More Therapeutic, Less Collaborative? Asserting the Psychotherapist Privilege on Behalf of Mature Minors" in the Barry Law Review. He also presented a talk on another article in progress, "Effectuating Change With A Recalcitrant Judiciary: Improving Family Courts for Immigrant Youth and Families," at the Hofstra Law School Symposium on Immigrants and the Family Court.

Professor Perlmutter has also given presentations on "Realizing Change for Dependent Children With Disabilities Through Community Collaboration" at the 2012 Department of Children & Families Statewide Dependency Summit; at a CLE training, "Immigrants in Family Courtrooms—Recognizing and Addressing Barriers for Immigrants in Family Court Proceedings," held at the Miami-Dade Family Court; and at a CLE training, "Representing Unaccompanied Alien Children in Immigration Court Proceedings," sponsored by the American Immigration Lawyers Association. Professor Perlmutter is the co-director of the Children & Youth Law Clinic. In addition to his duties at the clinic, he also teaches Family Law, Transnational Family Law, Children and the Law, and the New Directions in Lawyering.