Miami Law Alumna Launches LegalFile App


Milana V. Kuznetsova, J.D. '11, is a brilliant example of an innovator who has taken a creative path combining law and technology to carve out her own future in a challenging job market. The hard charging, energetic, and, yes, perky self-starter saw an unfilled niche and threw herself into the crack. Today, Kuznetsova is the CEO of ESENEM, LLC, "a company geared to support entrepreneurship, mobile technology, and development of law practice optimization (LPO)," as described by the company's own social media sites.

The twenty-something Russian-born entrepreneur is not afraid of hard work. She obtained a triple degree at Florida International University – philosophy, criminal justice, and professional leadership – in just three years. With her law school clerkships and summer associate experience in criminal and civil practices, she was conversant in the rigors and shortcomings of document recovery. "This inefficiency can be attributed to administrative waste, which is caused by factors such as lack of effective systems, standards, and information sharing – resulting in a redundancy of tasks," commented Kuznetsova.

A co-founder of LegalFile for iPad, a document mobility app for lawyers released to the iTunes Store last December, Kuznetsova highlights education as being the building block for success in her present endeavor. "I may be one of the few to say that I genuinely enjoyed law school. The thirst for knowledge that the University of Miami School of Law ignited in me set a strong foundation to welcome challenges and entertain such challenges to the benefit of my personal and professional growth and development."

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