Time To Get Those Doctors... Dean's Cup Committee Announced


After an arduous, 11-day battle of wits, endurance and moxy, sporty students from Miami Law will discover on Sunday whether they've managed to wrest the Dean's Cup from those medical school types and bring it back to where – inarguably – it belongs.

The Dean's Cup Committee at the law school – Mike Kozik, Justin Edell, Shawn Hairston, Danielle Browne and Valerie Trueba – makes no bones on its website about its intention to return the cup "to its rightful spot," after being defeated last year by those characters in white lab coats from the Leonard M. Miller School of Medicine.

The annual sporting competition between UM's law and medical schools takes place during the spring semester, with both schools working together, along with the campus Wellness Center, to plan the competitions, their schedule and their locations.

The contest comprises more than 25 events, ranging from traditional sports such as basketball, football, soccer and softball to random events like an eating contest, darts and bowling. Most events have both men's and women's teams and in some cases multiple squads. Each event counts for a specific number of points – winner take all. At the end of the contest, the school with the most points takes home the Cup.

If you hate sports, there are a number of events "that require no athletic ability whatsoever," the site says. "In addition, you can always buy a shirt, participate in the community service event, or cheer on your friends throughout the week."

In advance of the competition, there are always pickup games of some events during the semester. "We encourage you to attend, even if all you want to do is meet new people," the website says. Bear that in mind for next year.