Puppy Love on The Bricks For Valentine's Day


Warm puppies – the extremely huggable kind – service dogs and law students converged on the Bricks today to share the love. More than a dozen canines nuzzled and licked their way through the lunchtime crowd.

The dogs were in the central courtyard of Miami Law as part of a new Valentine's Day event, Puppy Love, courtesy of the University of Miami's Student Animal Legal Defense Fund. The organization hosted the cute and cuddly event to help raise awareness and funds for a local humane society, Paws 4 You, and as a morale booster for stressed-out law students. By encouraging pet adoptions, it was a wonderful opportunity to spread love on Valentine's Day.

One of the event's organizers, Karen Chrisman (2L), said she was getting a very positive response from the crowd. "We've had several students and faculty express interest in adopting today," she said. "We have fourteen dogs and we've been collecting donations for the organization. It is a great stress reliever and hopefully will encourage people to adopt."

"How can you not be happy when you see a puppy?" asked Andrea Lopez (1L), of Miami. "This whole semester is stressing me out so holding this puppy is calming me down." She had already named the little tan-and-white female Rugrat.

SALDF has partnered with several humane society organizations in the past to promote adoption awareness, encourage volunteerism, and raise funds. Students seem to love having these furry companions scampering around campus and many are eager to take their newfound friend home. All of the proceeds raised at these functions are directed back to the participating organizations.

Feel like lending a helping paw for a furry friend? Visit this site for more information on how to adopt, donate, and volunteer with Paws 4 You.