PREP Provides Ethics Training to Caribbean Bar


Michael Greenfield, Matan Sheier and James Lechter, three student interns in Miami Law's Professional Responsibility and Ethics Program, recently presented a CLE ethics training session for the Caribbean Bar Association.

Under the supervision of Jan Jacobowitz, PREP's director, the students discussed some of the ethical implications of using social media in the practice of law. The presentation addressed challenges inherent in posting on a law firm blog, Facebook as a litigation tool, and the danger of spoliation of electronic evidence.

"Through the application of the Rules of Professional Responsibility to cutting-edge legal and ethical issues pulled straight from the headlines, these trainings provide an excellent opportunity to educate both the students and attorneys in an interesting and exciting manner," Greenfield said after the session.

"Presenting hot-button issues such as the use of social media in the legal field and the new proposed advertising rules to a lively and engaged group of attorneys was a special experience," Scheier said. "Learning how these issues are viewed in a variety of practical settings was both constructive and educational for the attorneys and students involved."

"The Caribbean Bar Association gave us a very warm welcome," Lechter noted. "It was a treat to have technologically savvy, enthusiastic attorneys with whom to discuss our research."

The Professional Responsibility and Ethics Program was established at Miami Law in 1996 as an in-house program within the Center for Ethics and Public Service.